Southwest Sprinkler Systems

All of our sprinkler systems are installed to the highest standards by our professional engineers. Southwest Sprinkler Systems work alongside contractors and believe communication between trades is key to achieving the best results. We will liaise with all the necessary parties and local water authorities from start to finish.

Southwest Sprinkler Systems can install various systems into new build properties, offices, flats, residential care homes, garages or even retro-fit into older properties. Whatever is required, we will have a solution. All of our installations conform to the current British Standard BS9251 : 2014.

We install various types of sprinkler heads, the most popular designs are the flush fittings, you wouldn't even notice they are there.

Pipework is either CPVC, copper or steel. Most commonly, plastic CPVC pipework is used and concealed within buildings, copper and steel can be used to get a bespoke retro fit look.

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